The territory

Our position strategically located near the most important leather processing district in Tuscany and the historic textile district of Prato allows us to work quickly and with simplified logistics.

Effective strategies to achieve each client’s goals

  • We are in the heart of the most important textile and leather district in the whole of Tuscany, home to several famous brands.

  • Through a reliable logistics network we can shorten the distances of the supply chain

  • All processes are carried out within our factory under full direct control

A consolidated supply chain.

Our supply chain is made up of companies with which we have been collaborating for some time with maximum transparency

350.000 MTL

Of processings per year

More than 3.000

Samplings carried out annually

Frequently asked questions

Do you work on any quantity or within minimums?2024-06-20T10:28:51+00:00

We can work without fixing minimum pieces as long as we respect certain conditions to be established together with the customer

What type of consultancy do you provide?2024-06-20T10:28:11+00:00

We can offer a free consultancy service, also paying attention to any reference budgets

Can you provide a sample of fabrics?2024-06-20T10:27:36+00:00

Yes, we have a very comprehensive sample collection in particular regarding bonded fabrics

Do you do laboratory sampling? in what times?2024-06-20T10:26:29+00:00

We can also make laboratory samples on the same day or industrialized samples with a minimum of 3 meters of fabric within 3 working days.

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