Sustainable fashion is the future of beauty: harmonious union between style and responsibility towards the planet

What we got

Reduction of resource consumption (virgin raw materials, water and energy)

The GRS certificate certifies products containing at least 20% recycled material

ZDHC certification ensures the sustainability of fabrics and chemical products used in our lamination, resination and water-repellent treatments.



Alessi Luigi, deemed it appropriate to implement the level of corporate sustainability, becoming GRS certified, promoted by Textile Exchange, an international non-profit organization that is committed to responsible and sustainable development in the textile sector with the aim of encouraging the reduction of consumption of resources (virgin raw materials, water and energy) and increase the quality of recycled products. GRS certifies products containing at least 20% recycled material, ensures the maintenance of traceability throughout the entire production process, from the material recycling phases to the labeling of the finished product, imposes restrictions on the use of chemical products, guarantees compliance with environmental and social criteria in all phases of the production chain and finally provides for the release of an environmental declaration verified by a third party which certifies the content of recycled materials in intermediate and finished products.


In a social and productive context increasingly aimed at the use of textile raw materials and chemical products with reduced environmental impact, our company has also decided for some years to undertake a virtuous, ambitious and at the same time complex path that passes through the adoption of RSL-ZDHC to monitor the level of sustainability of fabrics and chemical products used in our lamination, resining and water-repellent treatments.

ZDHC, acronym for Zero Discharge of Hazardous Chemicals is a program created on November 21, 2011, in response to the campaign launched by Greenpeace. Started by six clothing brands, it was also established as a foundation in 2015 and still represents an initiative in which over 160 collaborators in the fashion and footwear sector have joined.

The objective of reducing the chemical footprint in this area, gradually eliminating dangerous substances and driving towards the diffusion of sustainable textiles, is carried out with various programs and tools, including ZDHC Gateway,
the first global database for safer chemistry and a platform for better chemical management. It allows companies to also share data on wastewater and monitor the production performance of different suppliers based on reference standards. Alessi Luigi has been present since 2022 as Supplier to Zero Level 1.

Code of ethics

The company has always based its activity on principles of ethical integrity and for this reason it felt the need to formalize an internal document that brings together the set of fundamental values ​​and the resulting rules of conduct.