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Fabric coupling for footwear and leather goods, partner of high fashion for over 50 years

Experience and reliability

Alessi Luigi is a point of reference in the fashion fabric lamination sector with over 50 years of experience. Founded on principles of quality, innovation and reliability, we are committed to offering cutting-edge solutions that meet the needs of our most demanding customers.

Alessi Luigi

Coupling specialists and more

accoppiatura Alessi Luigi


Si tratta della nostra lavorazione per eccellenza, che ci identifica da ormai più di 50 anni. Disponiamo sia di macchinari di concezione artigianale che moderni e sofisticati, che ci permettono, con l’utilizzo di una variegata gamma di nostri supporti per accoppiatura e di diverse tecniche e metodologie di lavorazione unite all’esperienza e competenza maturate nei decenni, di andare incontro alle esigenze tecniche e di performance più disparate e mirate, per assicurare una resa sempre ottimale del prodotto, fino ad una personalizzazione completa della lavorazione.

Resin coating

We have a large variety of resins and compounds, solvent free and ZDHC approved, which allow us to have a wide range of results in various fields of application for this process.

trattamento oleo idrorepellente Alessi Luigi

Oil-water repellent treatment

The classic finishing with C6 Fluorocarbon resins, carried out both wet and coated, which ennobles the fabrics making them both water-repellent and oil-repellent, thus protecting them from stains of substances carried by these liquids.

termoadesivizzazione Alessi Luigi


With this process we make customer fabrics thermoadhesive, as well as our lamination supports, to be able to subsequently carry out hot applications.

trattamento idrorepellente fluoro free Alessi Luigi

Fluorine-Free water-repellent treatment

Our ever-increasing sensitivity to ecological issues, combined with attention to the requests of the chemical specifications of the major fashion brands, has led us to the introduction of new “Fluoro Free” products for the creation of a fluorine-free water-repellent treatment, to be carried out both in Bagno and Spalmato.

A Fluoro Free product compatible with the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) criteria is also available, updated to the most recent version (7.0)

servizi esclusivi Alessi Luigi

Exclusive services

Sampling service, tests and industrialization trials of processes in short times and with the maximum possible customization

We are able to provide technical consultancy to find solutions to the countless problems and needs in the footwear and leather goods sector

Incoming and outgoing fabric quality control service, with particular attention to reporting any type of defect on our customers’ fabrics, in particular the straight thread, where we are able to intervene to improve any distortions in prints and weaves.

Supports and linings for coupling

We have wide availability of numerous supports and linings for coupling to achieve, together with the use of the right glues, the structural and technical characteristics requested by the customer:

Final thickness, rigidity, fullness, hand, possibility of lowering, ease of cutting, etc.

The most used fibers are Cotton, Polyester, Polyamide, PU/PE Microfibres, Polypropylene and the supports can be supplied in both normal and recycled versions, GRS or GOTS.

The territory and related activities

Our position strategically located near the most important leather processing district in Tuscany and the historic textile district of Prato allows us to work quickly and with simplified logistics.


The company has long begun a path linked to corporate sustainability, reaching the GRS certification in 2022 and following the ZDHC as well as defining its own code of ethics and conduct.

GRS certification

ZDHC certification

Code of Conduct